Texas Nutrition, the product of merging The Nutrition and Wellness Association and the Student Dietetic Association, is a student organization run by a variety of students in the interest of nutrition and health. Any major and background is welcome, although its roots do come from nutrition and dietetics. The purpose of our organization is to provide students with knowledge of opportunities and experiences in serving the community, developing relationships with other students interested in nutrition and faculty, and making contacts with other dietetic professionals.


Each meeting, speakers are invited from a different field in the nutrition and health community to talk to our members on interesting topics such as sports nutrition, local nutrition initiatives, life as a dietitian, and much more. The organization also hosts various events around campus to get students excited about nutrition, such as the Career Panel we will be hosting this Fall. Besides supplying our members with useful contacts and opportunities, we also provide members with an atmosphere to bond with other students over nutrition and life in general. 


Being an active member in Texas Nutrition requires two things:

  1. Pay membership dues

  2. Earn 10 points per semester

Membership dues are $30 for the first semester (fall) or you can pay $50 for both semesters. Any payment made during the fall semester includes a free t-shirt. Dues are due by September 23rd (the second general meeting).

The deadline to sign up for Hornslink has passed.
If you have any questions about Hornslink or membership, contact Dede Pajibo, one of our secretaries, at dekontepajibo@utexas.edu.

How can you earn points? Each member will receive points by: 

  • Coming to a meeting or any event (1 general point)

  • Coming to a study social or other social event (1 social point)

  • Hang out with another TXNTR member (.5 social point. Can receive up to 1 point total)

  • Volunteering with Texas Nutrition (1 hour = 1 volunteer point)

  • Only 1 outside volunteer hour per semester allowed

  • Random opportunities offered throughout the semester

Of your total ten (10) points, at least three (3) must be volunteer points and three (3) must be social points.


If you're interested in joining a committee within TXNTR, fill out this short Google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJqozg64Of5ZchUwgfQF-DZxjITSG_jYHchMM5_Ex0fODQgg/viewform


We would love to meet with as many of you as possible!